Who are the Tiny Tarts?

The Tiny Tarts are the Country Tart's two young daughters who help out so much in the kitchen, in the creation of this blog and in the production of the SERVING up a SMILE weekly column, that it only seems fitting that they get their own space to share what it is they do.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Much More Than Busy Work

I had the opportunity to purchase a new-in-box Easy Bake oven today for $7.00. It was a holiday overstock sale and considering they seem to run around $30 (and up) it was really tempting to pass up. I always loved my Pepto-pink child size oven.

Something kept me from doing it. It wasn't even the fact that we have more than enough toys or that I have this cranky chip on my shoulder over all things made in China being intentionally designed to fall apart. I think what really swayed me was the idea that it was my girls who had wanted to begin their own blog.

On New Years Eve, as they busily rolled their coctail weenies in dough, I began to snap some pics. My oldest remarked, "Cool, this can go on our blog."

It also comforts me that these girls are learning real life skills (and having a blast while doing it). I have my mother to thank for my love of all things food. Hopefully I am making mama proud to be passing this along to them.

Hard at work.

Careful placement.

Keeping a close watch.

Front row seats.

Discussing finished product.


  1. Okay, no joke Lynn, I made these for Christmas Eve! I sliced them down the middle and put a bit of sharp cheddar cheese in them and twisted the bisciutt before securing, brushing the top with a bit of butter before baking. My grandma made these each year with hot dogs, but I decided to try it with lil' smokies this year! I bet your girls had a ton of fun with this!

  2. They informed me that New Year's eve was for "fancy food" such as pigs in blankets. Fancy food, indeed!